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The island of Formentera, togheter with Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, is part of the Balearic archipelago, of which is the smallest one. It is located south of Ibiza, just 2 nautical miles from it , even if the distance between the ports of Ibiza and Formentera is 12 miles. Despite its small size, its particular shape means that it has a great extention (82 km.) in proportion to its surface. Formentera is a relatively flat island with two quite low plateaus, La Mola to the east, which reaches a maximum height of 192 meters, and Cap de Barbaria in the west. In the north  there are the old salt marshes and coastal lagoons, which are part of the nature reserve of Ses Salines. There is a main road that connects the two ends of the island, the port of La Savina and the lighthouse of La Mola, and is 19 km long. From this road many side roads branch off leading to the various resorts and beaches of Formentera and are indicated with the kilometer relative to the distance from the port of La Savina. The population living in Formentera is about 11000 inhabitants and is distributed among the various population centers including the municipal capital Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran, famous for being hippy destination since the Sixties; La Savina, headquarters of the Port and Es Pujols, the main tourist resort. The number grows considerably during the summer season, however, as the island is a favorite destination in Europe, mainly thanks to the crystal clear sea and its sandy beaches, its wild and savage nature.