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Discovering the typical villages of Formentera-Part 2

Sant Francesc

About 3 km from the port is considered the capital of the island. The Commune is located in the main square, in front of the church that in the 18th century was used as a fortress against pirate attacks by the nearby Costa Barbara, which ended up being a shelter  for the inhabitants.

This square hosts many of the island’s festivals and events. San Francesco is lively during the day with its abundance of shops, bars and hippie stalls.

San Fernando

Following the road that leaves the port and passes for San Francesco, you arrive at San Fernando. This country offers a wide choice of bars and restaurants, including the legendary Fonda Pepe.

San Fernando hosts many musical events during the summer season.

El pilar of the Mola

This village is located on the highest point of the island, about 15 km. From San Fernando. It is one of the quietest places and for this reason it has fewer shops and restaurants.

Its main attraction is the hippie market twice a week. Another point of interest is the lighthouse that lies on the edge of the cliff and is a fantastic observatory offering spectacular views.

Cap De Barbaria Area

The Cap Barbaria offers a wild  landscape, great for walking, biking and exploring.

The lighthouse is a focal point and the cliff under the lighthouse offers excellent panoramic views to look towards Morocco and the North African peninsula.

Going down a small cavity into the ground you can explore the old cave under the lighthouse that opens onto an uninterrupted panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Visit the watch tower once used as the first protection system against pirate invasions of the 18th century.


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