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Let’s have fun on Formentera Island – Part 1

Formentera is an ideal destination for seaside holidays, the small island of the Balearic Islands can surprise you from the point of view of night-time entertainment: despite being away from the transgressive nightclubs of Ibiza, Formentera also offers numerous venues that represent the meeting point of the island’s movida.

Let’s see what are the best places to spend your summer nights.

Pineta Club
Opened in 2011, the Pineta Club is the same trademark of Milano Marittima’s historic disco, which its patron exported in the enchanting and chic Formentera.
Located in the heart of Es Pujols, in a lively area, this disco offers all the ingredients that have allowed its alter ego in Italy to become one of the most famous venues for twenty years: elegance, taste for detail and of course exceptional music , plus an exotic touch to make the atmosphere feel  perfect, in line with the magic of the location.
Engaging theme nights – such as Pirates, Flower Power  – and important events are present in the intense nights of the club, which are among the longest on the island.
The Pineta is in fact the only disco of Formentera – together with the Tipic – where you can dance until dawn, a hot night of fun in a fashionable environment, quality cocktails, famous people and music offered by  the  best Djs in Europe, including Bob Sinclair, Ralph and Skin.

Check for more details at:  http://www.pinetaclubformentera.com/


The Tipic is one of the venues that has  made history in Formentera. Opened in 1971, it was inaugurated by a Pink Floyd concert, which was on the island for the recording of the soundtrack of the movie “More”.
Following this inauguration, the club was immediately recognized among the many hippies and habituès of the island, which was constantly growing in the 1970s and 1980s and fueled by the constant appreciation of visitors and the live top performers  , including King Crimson, Bob Dylan and singer Nico, and recent  successes of the Velvet Underground.
The Tipic is located in the Es Pujols area – the heart of Formentera’s worldly life – at the beginning of the road leading to Sant Ferran.
At the moment it is the only one on the island’s premises, in addition to the Pineta, where you can have fun and dance at the disco of famous Dj evening till dawn.
Various and original  themed nights: to mention in particular the Love Boat evening with house music organized on Sundays, and the extravagant and engaging Fluo Party on Wednesday, in which young people immerse themselves in the 80s dance music with T-shirts and fluorescent accessories.

Check for more details at: http://www.clubtipic.com/



At present, NeroOpaco is certainly considered the most fashionable club of all Formentera.

Semi-skiing in the streets of Es Pujols, this well-known club is a compulsory stage for those who love to enjoy the nights on the island, thanks to its sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere at the same time: ideal for enjoying a cocktail with the rhythm of good music, perhaps Looking for  nice company.

Synonym of style and trend, always crowded with different types of people to savor the world’s spirit of the place, this disco bar is the symbol of Formentera’s movida as well as a usual venue of vip and famous people; Among its most frequent attendants there is – among others – the well-known footballer Pippo inzaghi, who sometimes likes performing at the consul of Dj.

Italian tourists  always feel at ease with NeroOpaco as often the proposed music is Italian, as are most of the staff working there . The restaurant is managed by a group of brilliant young Italians, who make it a true cult place on the island.

Check for more details at: https://www.facebook.com/neroopacoformentera/


The Beach

Located in a beautiful location in Es Pujols, right in the heart of the marquee, The Beach Formentera is the perfect place for those who love to experience the exuberant island world until late at night, enjoying the evening with good music and  good quality drinks.
The venue can count on a setting from the fascinating atmosphere, and on a staff of young people ready to make every evening unforgettable with new ideas for a safe fun evening.

Do not miss the themed evenings, especially Miss Formentera on Wednesday, where you can compete for the title of miss and win attractive prizes each week.
The Beach Formentera also has a store, the Parah Beach Store, where you can buy the latest in summer underwear and beach wear.

Check for more details at: https://www.facebook.com/thebeachformentera/


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