In the beautiful island of Formentera there are many excellent restaurants where you can taste the typical gourmet delicacies of the Balearic Islands; Local dishes are obviously mostly fish-based. Let’s go and find out some of the best restaurants in Formentera.

San Carlos

Can Carlos is a restaurant surrounded by a typical Mediterranean vegetation, located in Sant Francesc, and is one of the best known restaurants thanks to the excellence of Italian chef Franceschino Manzoli, who prepares delicious fish dishes combined with the island’s vegetables such as carpaccio of zucchini. Also good is the pink pepper tuna carpaccio. There is a beautiful illuminated terrace where you can enjoy delicious dishes and enjoy the al fresco dining experience. It also has a bar area where you can have an aperitif or spend a pleasant evening after dinner. Booking is Recommended .

Tel .: (+34) 971-322874


A Mi Manera

In this restaurant you will find a great variety of gourmet meat and fish and the choice of raw ingredients will make you taste the quality. The secret garden of Es Pla originates from the search in the kitchen of a land, culture and balance. The vegetable garden is a way to reconcile with nature, vegetables and herbs are cultivated organically, remaining tied to the seasons. Dining outside while watching the crops you will taste in the chefs unique creations is a unique magical experience that gives you a real sense of the flavours and tastes of the island.



Canapepa is a nice restaurant furnished with taste and originality, located a few steps from the main square of Sant Francesc and has an outdoor patio that gives a relaxing atmosphere typical of this magnificent island. There is also an indoor garden where you can dine in the shade of a fig tree. The name means “the house of Pepa” and refers to the former owners’ bait. Home specialties are pepper and pecorino tortellini and argentinian entrecote with vegetables, while for the unbeatable desserts are chocolate with rum and cream of Catalan cream. Open all the year.

Tel .: (+34) 971-321091

Fonda Pepe

Fonda Pepe is an institution in Formentera, in fact it is the historical restaurant of the island and is located in Sant Ferran. Economical, famous and popular, very hippy and a bit retro. The paella is great, as are the mugnaia sole and the baked fish dishes. It was the gathering of hippies in the 1960s and it was here that many of the world’s greatest events took place, but today it is a quiet trattoria where you can feel the past. Unfortunately, reservations are not accepted and long queues at the entrance is the norm.

Tel .: (+34) 971-328033


Es Molì De Sal

Es Molì de Sal is a renowned restaurant in Formentera located within a mill in Platja de Ses Illetes, with stunning sea views. The fame of this prestigious restaurant is mainly linked to the unceasing succession of famous people who have made it so exclusive in recent years, such as the King of Spain, Juan Carlos, who here sets a stop every time he comes to Formentera. The home specialty is lobster soup. Magnificent sunset view.

Tel .: (+34) 971-187491 


El Mirador

El Mirador is situated in an enviable position, it has a wonderful terrace from which you can enjoy a wonderful panorama of the island. Thanks to the low prices and the excellent quality of its cuisine, the restaurant is one of the most popular and appreciated on the island, so in the high season you have to book it in advance, especially if you want to dine on the terrace. The menu offers a wide choice of courses, including grilled meat and fish, which are strongly recommended to accompany the house speciality: salad with bread and dried fish.

Tel .: (+34) 971-327037

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