The area in the southwest part of Formentera is named Cap de Barbaria, so called for the ancient presence of pirate boats that used to approach the island using this isolated and impervious promontory. Cap de Barbaria is located on a high and suggestive point, around beautiful landscapes and in an unspoiled environment. To reach this part of the island, the most magical one, you pass on an asphalted road that goes through an area without vegetation. This road was created after the Great Depression of 1929, when so many emigrants returned to Formentera and, as they were without work, they invented one, starting to produce charcoal from the trees of Cap de Barbaria. In the area around, there are neither shops nor bars. You can only find a field covered with rosemary and thistles and a wind that accompanies your gaze. Passing through there, a sentimental connection is formed, perhaps because the landscape, rather than extending to the horizon, expands into the interiority of the visitor.

A lighthouse, a barren promontory and a tactile magic, like the one that emanate the "stone columns", formed by rocks placed spontaneously on top of each other by the many people that passed from here at different times. The lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria is the third of the island – there is also the Lighthouse de la Mola and the Lighthouse of La Savina – and as for the uniqueness of its colors, its view of the sunset, and the sensations that it offers, it is absolutely worth a visit, despite the fact that the way to reach it is not the best. Visitors are also allowed to climb the lighthouse. It stands with all its splendor on the promontory, about 18 meters high, dominating an incredible view overlooking the reddish rocks, offering a panorama that leaves the visitors literally breathless. The ideal time to visit it is late in the afternoon – bring along soft drinks to make a toast while watching the sunset – or at night when all the stars seem to celebrate. Sitting at the foot of the lighthouse and looking up, you can see more light than dark in the night sky filled with stars, thanks also to the fact that the location is far away from city lights that might contaminate the experience.

Attention: from June 25 to September 30, you can only access the lighthouse on foot or by bicycle. Cars or motorcycles are left parked in a car park located at kilometer 6.5 of the road and continue on foot. Near the lighthouse there is a rift in the rock, a real natural cave, where you can enter quite easily and then reach a natural platform overlooking the sea, from which you can admire a spectacular view. Just within a short distance from the lighthouse you can also find an old watchtower, the Torre Des Garroveret, about 10 meters high, dating from the middle of 1700. The tower, originally with defensive functions and therefore armed with a cannon, was later used simply as a point of observation. The most earthly expression of Cap de Barbaria is a red wine with the same name, that won several European prizes in addition to the gold medal and the Press award at the International competition "Emotions from the World" in 2010. An assemblage of Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot and autochthonous grape varieties, the Monastrell and the Fogoneu, cultivated on a small plot of land. A renowned blend, thanks to the sandy terrain and an exceptional micro-climate.

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