Formentera is an ideal destination for beach holidays, the small balearic island can surprise its visitors from the point of view of the night-time entertainment: despite being as remotely comparable to the transgressive discos of Ibiza, Formentera offers numerous venues that represent the meeting point of the island movida. Many of these also have a historical aspect that makes them even more special. Let's see the best places to spend your summer nights in the island of Formentera.

The exact term for the main points of aggregation of the island is chiringuitos, small kiosks where you can sip an aperitif during sunset, while enjoying the sound of your favorite music. The Fonda Pepe is perhaps the most historic of all, since it was the meeting place of many hippies in the 60s, at a time when Formentera had not yet been discovered by mass tourism and was a hidden paradise. This made it the center of the island's worldly life and, although it has lost this role today, it still retains the appearance of decades ago, obviously permeated by a nostalgic atmosphere. The small terrace is still frequented by many tourists, mostly Germans. Fonda Pepe is located in Sant Ferran de Ses Roques.

One place that has gained notoriety is the Big Sur, on the beach of Illetes: a very trendy chiringuito, particularly frequented by VIPs and football players, loved especially for the unmissable view of the sea. At Big Sur you can dance and drink, but you can also enjoy a great dinner based on fish: the place is in fact also a restaurant.

A much bigger and more famous chiringuito is the Blue Bar, on the Platja de Migjorn: this was also a hippie hangout in the past, but today it is very popular with young people for its billiard, dance floor and downbeat music. A small legend, which has hosted a lot of artists of the international DJ set, and continues to organize evenings despite not being an actual disco.

Es Pujols. This is in fact the center of the island's night-time entertainment. Everything takes place around the few streets of the center of this small town, where between flats, hotels, restaurants and shops, you will find some of the best bar-clubs of the island ready to welcome you, get you involved and make you stay until dawn. The most famous nightclub is probably Banana's & Co, a bar with a terrace and a room where you can dance to the beat of the DJ on duty. It is one of the best meeting places on the island, thanks to the outdoor area and the fact that it is one of the most stylish clubs.

You should definitely visit the bars-clubs neropaco and The Beach, located in the most central area of Es Pujols. After these clubs, for those who want to continue until the morning, we point out the only two discos on the island: Xueño and Pachanka. The Xueño is not very large: it can hold a maximum of 400 people. But it is well divided into three areas, the main area, the terrace and the relaxation area. It mainly plays house music, and here too you can find various international artists performing. The place is very elegant, but what mainly attracts customers are its affordable prices.

Pachanka is located in the center of Es Pujols, and symbolically is also the center of the island's nightlife: disguised as a bar, it is actually a nightclub, since it begins to fill up at three in the morning and closes at dawn. It is a meeting point for the movida of Formentera, that, as you have seen, is able to offer entertainment that goes beyond beaches and nature: the island of Pitiusa has new reasons to become your next summer holiday destination.

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